Sun Inn - Retford

So are we due another summer like 2018? They’re all ready to make the most of it at The Sun Inn in Retford, where designers Nanu Soda have enjoyed a free hand to transform both the interior and exterior of what was once a very traditional pub to create an elegant and contemporary venue reflecting the character and imagination of this emerging pub chain. 

The interior successfully combines modern design mixed with heritage fabrics and natural materials, reclaimed timber floors and even an indoor firepit, complete with some amazing pieces of American traditional bric a brac. 

Making the most of the great outdoors

We’re focusing on the exterior. Step outside to a large terrace and beer garden, and the investment in the great outdoors at this pub really comes to life. Nowhere else in the area has this amount and variety of external seating. Zoned areas feature sail shades and festoons with branded tables and Yorkshire-stone filled gabions. 

A unique approach to outdoor leisure spaces

Look across the garden to a shining silver Airstream caravan which is also the outside bar, and image the space in the evenings, lit for atmosphere, with a signature outdoor firepit area bordered by beautiful fixed timber seating detail.

Feature signwriting adorns the walls of this unique venue, and there’s a refurbished tuk tuk parked outside the entrance – the perfect backdrop to take a photo to share the experience!    

This is the second Sun Inn – a sister pub, the Sun Inn at Everton, Doncaster – demonstrates the same attention to detail and exterior focus, also designed by the team at Nanu Soda!

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